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Horizon Opportunities is a landscape and property maintenance company, which provides the finishing touches transforming a lackluster building into a distinctive property with prestige and sophistication. Using cost- effective purchasing and environmentally sound landscaping principles. Horizon Opportunities maintains vibrant landscape settings for buildings, corporate parks, shopping centers and residential properties.

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Horizon Opportunities offers free estimates! One quick call and we will come out to offer a fast and professional free estimate. Call us today at 502.633.2168!

Contract Service Schedule

flowers Horizon Opportunities strives to exceed customer expectations by developing comprehensive, creative, custom-tailored landscape solutions. Our professional staff guides clients step-by-step through the design, scheduling and implementation of all project - start to finish. Horizon Opportunities also recognizes that each client has a unique set of needs that are fueled by lifestyle, taste and/or location. Horizon Opportunities has developed the following contract services, although we can do any custom job required:

(Times Per Year)

  • (28) Mowing & Trimming Lawn Areas
  • (28) Police Grounds, Sweep
  • (28) Edge Walks & Curbs
  • (14) Weed Shrub & Flower Beds
  • (5) Fluff & Refresh Mulch
  • (5) Insect & Disease Control for Shrubs & Trees
  • (5) Fertilization & Weed Control of Lawn
  • (2) Trim Shrubs & Groundcover
  • (2) Refurbish Mulch Beds
  • (2) Plant Annual Flowers
  • (2) Spring & Fall Irrigation System Service
  • (1) Prune & Shape Ornamental Trees
  • (1) Core Aeration of Turf Areas
  • (1) Power Seed

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